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  Bobo norco

There is an elephant standing in the room who has grown tremendously in size & goes by the name of Bobo Norco. According to Bobo Norco has positioned himself as one of the hottest new artist out of California. With a powerful entrance to 2017 Norco has dropped 4 singles with visuals to accompany. With collaborations from some of the biggest artist in the industry it's no doubt, Bobo Norco is making his presence felt in the industry. Bobo Norco graced the front pages of 10 magazine covers in one years time, being the only independent artist to ever do so. Highlighting his style, Norco has released the first urban couture clothing line called Kindom Couture. With a roster of artist already signed to his label NLNF, Norcos momentum is looking like he's going to be here for a long time, with the talent and connects to keep us wondering what his next move is and with whom.